Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Keepsakes

When the Instagram app became available for the iPhone it was an instant hit. Suddenly, you couldnt log onto Facebook or Twitter without seeing fun, old-timey pictures popping up everywhere. This year the app became available for Android and even more charming pictures of everything from morning coffee to kids running through sprinklers burst on the web.

Instagram is as easy to use as the pictures are fun to share. Its as simple as clicking the picture, picking a filter style and uploading the finished product to your desired social media accounts. Its a really handy tool and can turn even the most basic candid into a family classic.

In the past, if you wanted to print a picture out, you could download it to your computer like any other photo you took with your camera. But what if you want to share your favorite family snaps in more creative ways? Now there are actually online companies that specialize specifically in turning your best Instagram photographs into precious keepsakes for your home or family and friends.

Casetagram.com can take the pictures of your choosing and turn them into a one of a kind collage that they use to print you a completely unique iPhone case. They have tons of styles from which to choose and all you have to do is plug in some cute shots to design your case.

At Stickygram.com, you can use your Instagram pictures to create your own magnets. I think the magnets are cool because theyre so versatile that you can use them at home or work and your kids can even use them in their lockers at school. Plus, theyd make a great gift for anyone.

And finally, Coastermatic.com turns Instagram pictures into round sandstone drink coasters. I love this idea for a unique keepsake from a family vacation. Each coaster could be of a different family members favorite moment or group pictures at different locations.

All three of these services work in basically the same way. You pick the design you love, upload your favorite pictures and then place your orders. Then in a few weeks your unique Instagram keepsakes arrive in the mail and your family pictures are preserved and ready to share in a completely cool new way.