Do We Really Need Supplements?

I think we can decide for you if you understand the most pressing needs of our body.

Complete management of the health system increased by nearly a hundred years formally. There are different cultures, cultures of benefits for thousands of years.

Start with the concept, which we support. In addition to all the social traditions and food, food, respect for our institutions must work. It consists of nutrients that we as constituents. It provides minerals and trace elements and other functions necessary for all cells, organs and body, to do this work every second of every day. Another important element is that enzymes often ignored in products for the destruction of the ideal makeup to use, a person eats.

Some of the problems we have with our current food additives may be a decisive step.

The first is that most nutritional advice for television advertising. Unfortunately, in our understanding of the basis of life and nutrients, but not enough, which for decades ago. Much of our food is now in the laboratory or even closer to the nature of the food our grandparents in his mouth. These are chemicals, processed ingredients and artificial colors and flavors, most of our ancestors just experience anyway. He taught us to pay special attention, or calories, but not quite overlook the actual quality of food products. I'll give you a simple way to see, food that will help you think, forever changing.

The food is alive, and if you eat, the energy of all food and turn it into energy which we can use. It takes energy that resembles that of petrol in the car. The car must be a type of fuel, so that chemical reactions take place to go. What if you freshly squeezed organic orange juice in the tank? What would you than a gallon mysite The point is that if the gas is also good that the class of car.

So if we assume that we all have to eat very well, we need all the nutrients they need to function optimally, and it is not necessary to complete them. Now the problem is that I still have to wait for a person, what you eat well. Some obvious problems, such as Fast Food, and undesirable living and food, this lack of vitality. The essence is not the way our engines.

Another serious problem is that our land we develop our food, which is used to quickly appropriate. This leads to a food that is good, but it has less nutritional value of years.